Military & Aerospace Wire and Cable Products
MIL-C-17 Coaxial cable, RG cable (M17)
MIL-C-442 Rubber-jacketed parallel rip cord (M442)
MIL-C-915 Shipboard Cable (M915)
MIL-C-1486 10 conductor WM-46
MIL-C-3432 CO cable, power & control (M3432)
MIL-C-3702 Special purpose (M3792)
MIL-C-3849 Tinsel-switchboard, microphones (M3849)
MIL-C-3883 Audio frequency cords (M3883)
MIL-C-3884 Power cord (M3884)
MIL-C-3885 Cabling specification (M3885)
MIL-C-4921 Airport lighting cable (M4921)
MIL-C-5898 Power cable (M5898)
MIL-C-6166 Headset cord (M6166)
MIL-C-7078 Aircraft cables (M7078)
MIL-C-10369 Field cable, rapid payout (M10369)
MIL-C-10392 Communications, miniature (M10392)
MIL-C-12423 Telephone cable (M12423)
MIL-C-13077 Special-purpose electrical cable (M13077)
MIL-C-13294 Field Wire (13294)
MIL-C-13486 Ordnance, vehicle power (M13486)
MIL-C-13777 Multi-conductor, special purpose (M13777)
MIL-C-14189 Field power cable (M14189)
MIL-C-21609 Non-flexing shielded power (M21609)
MIL-C-24640 Light-weight shipboard (M24640)
MIL-C-24643 Low smoke shipboard (M24643)
MIL-C-27072 Multi-conductor ground support (M27072)
MIL-C-27212 Airport lighting control (M27212)
MIL-C-27500 Aircraft and missile cables (M25700)
MIL-C-38359 Airport lighting (M38359)
MIL-C-49104 Field wire (M49104)
MIL-C-55021 Hook-up pairs, triples, etc. (M55021)
MIL-C-55036 Telephone, shelter cables (M55036)
MIL-C-55116 Connectors, communication (M55116)
MIL-C-55462 Field wire (M55462)
MIL-I-631 Insulation, non-rigid (M631)
MIL-I-3190 Sleeving, flexible (M3190)
MIL-I-7444 PVC tubing, low temperature (M7444)
MIL-I-18057 Fiberglass tubing (M18057)
MIL-I-22129 Teflon Tubing (M22129)
MIL-I-23053 Shrink tubing, solder sleeve, boot (M23053, MIL-DTL-23053)
MIL-I-23594 Tape
MIL-R-6855 Rubber tubing (M6855)
MIL-R-46486 Shrink tubing (M46486)
MIL-S-9226 Inconel (M9226)
MIL-S-83519 Solder sleeves (M83519)
MIL-T-713 Lacing tape and cord (M713)
MIL-T-43435 Lacing tape and cord (M43435)
MIL-W-76 General hookup LW MW HW (M76, MW76, MW-76)
MIL-W-583 Magnet wire (M583)
MIL-W-3093 Special purpose “W” wires (M3093)
MIL-W-3795 Tinsel (M3795)
MIL-W-3861 Bare copper wires (M3861)
MIL-W-5086 Aircraft wire (M5086)
MIL-W-5845 Thermocouple wire (M5845)
MIL-W-5846 Thermocouple wire (M5846)
MIL-W-7139 Aircraft Teflon wire (M7139)
MIL-W-8777 Aircraft silicone wire (M8777)
MIL-W-13074 Electrical wire (M13074)
MIL-W-13075 Electrical wire (M13075)
MIL-W-13169 Instrument test lead (M13169)
MIL-W-16878 Hookup wire (M16878, MW16878)
MIL-W-22759 Aircraft hookup wire (M22759)
MIL-W-25038 High temp. & fire resistant (M25038)
MIL-W-81044 Irradiated aircraft (M81055)
MIL-W-81381 Special insulation and conductor (M81381)
MIL-W-81822 Wire wrap (M81822)
QQ-B-575 Braids (QQB575, QQB-575)
QQ-W-343 Bus wire (QQW343, QQW-343)
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